STRANDS ALASKA LED lumesaha tuli, klaasisoojendusega. S-270708







Toote info:

Mõõtmed: 200.00 x 142.00 x 85.00mm
Kaal: 1.00kg
Tüüp: LED
Pinge: 9-32V
Reference value: 17.5
Värvitemperatuur: 6000 K
Pistiku tüüp: 6-pin DT
Juhtme pikkus: 500 mm
Läätse materjal: Klaas
IP klassifikatsioon: IP67/69K
Sertifikaadid: ECE R6. R7. R112, ECE R10
Garantii (kuudes): 36
Kirjeldus: Alaska plow light LED is the starting signal for the next generation of plow lights. Alaska creates maximum visibility and have a stylish design. The plow lamp has a heating lens with automatic thermostat control that starts at five degrees and keeps ice and snow away. Without the need to handle the lamp manually.<br/><br/>The plow lamp comes with the functions, high beam, low beam, position light and indicators. The functions are E-approved with reference number 17.5. Can be mounted on both the right and left side and the bracket can be mounted on the back or at the bottom. Alaska fits most agricultural and construction vehicles. Especially for snow removal vehicles where the plow blade does not cover the standard headlight.